CQ Pump & Irrigation Services experienced staff can assist you in designing a tailored water delivery solution to suit your needs. We look at all aspects of the design to make sure that we address all the requirements of your project.

For your next water solution project contact the team at CQ Pump & Irrigation Services!

We offer system design and advice on:

  • Stock Watering
  • Remote Monitoring & Telemetry
  • Domestic & turf irrigation
  • Solar, electric & diesel pumping systems
  • Raw Water & Effluent pump packages
  • Drip & Sub-surface Irrigation
  • Flood Harvesting & storage


We can help you identify, design and install the best irrigation solutions for your particular situation including:

  • Drip irrigation
  • Travelling irrigators
  • Micro sprays

You can be confident all systems will be designed to meet industry standards and regulatory requirements by a Certified Irrigation Designer.

Remote Monitoring

CQ Pump & irrigation can design & install systems allowing you to monitor watering points from the home base or really any location through your mobile device.  These systems provide benefits of reduced labour, reduced fuel costs and wear & tear on your vehicles. With increased response time to finding issues in your watering systems and allowing you to accurately measure parameters previously unknown can only be a productive advantage for your business.

Remote monitoring systems provide flexible, reliable site monitoring and management for a wide range of duties, including:

  • Tank levels
  • Pressure transducers
  • Dam levels
  • Flow metering
  • Weather stations
  • Site surveillance
  • Trough filling
  • Pump starting and stopping
  • Water quality and soil moisture
  • Electric fence operation

If you’re interested in increasing water efficiency and improving cashflow with remote stock and water monitoring, contact CQ Pump & Irrigation today.

Pumping Systems

CQ Pump & Irrigation can supply pumps for on-farm, domestic, civil, industrial or mining purposes. We provide a wide range of pumps to suit all duties including:

  • Household pressure pumps
  • Solar pumps
  • Submersible pumps
  • Fire fighting pumps
  • Diesel pumps
  • Large ISO end suction pumps
  • Automated irrigation systems

Pumps are a key requirement in most water delivery or water management solutions. We can design and install pumping systems, for all domestic and commercial projects to meet your requirements.

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Our Location

From our Emerald base, CQ Pump & Irrigation is the leading supplier to customers throughout Central and Western Queensland.  We supply & service areas as far west as Longreach & Winton, East to Rockhampton, North to Mackay and South to Injune and all areas in between.